Concrete mixer truck PMB7.5,PMP7.5sp reducer

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ELEPHANT Fluid Power is a hydraulic power expert integrating professional concrete mixer (pump truck) hydraulic system supporting, maintenance and spare parts supply.

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The company has long-term supply of PMP7.5sp reducer assembly, mixer truck PMP reducer bearing oil seal, PMP7.5sp reducer bearing oil seal, PMP6.5S/PMP7.0S/PMP7.5sp reducer and accessories, mixer truck reducer, Italy  Reducer, PMP special bearing oil seal, specific models 800730, 801806, 809280, 40779, 540626AA, 579905A, 579905AA, 801215A, 804312A, bs2B248180, 540626AA. J30CNF, etc. Main models: 6SP reducer assembly, 7SP reducer assembly,  PMB6R100 reducer assembly and accessories PMP reducer assembly and accessories: primary/secondary input shaft, housing, sun gear, planetary gear, planet carrier, bearing 248180, various oil seals, various filter elements. One: PMB6SP-Max  Output torque: 60000 Reduction ratio i: 99.9 Maximum output speed (rpm): 2500 Drum mixing capacity (m3) 8 Weight (kg): 270 Lubricating oil capacity (liter): 12 Drum flange Maximum dynamic turntable angle: +/-6  Two: PMB7SP-maximum output torque: 70000 reduction ratio i: 120.3 maximum output speed (rpm): 2500 drum stirring capacity (m3): 9-10 weight (kg): 290 lubricant capacity (liter): 13 drum flange maximum  Dynamic turntable angle: +/-6 3:PMB7bSP-Maximum output torque: 70000 Reduction ratio i: 121.6, 100.7, 129.1 Maximum output speed (rpm): 2500 Drum stirring capacity (m3): 10-12 Weight (kg): 342  Lubricating oil capacity (liter): 15 roller flange maximum dynamic turntable angle: +/-6

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