Hydraulic orbital motors

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We agent and distribute the internationally renowned brand "HANJIU" hydraulic motors.

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Hydraulic orbital motors

HANJIU Hydraulic Motors


General: DANFOSS Hydraulic Motors


Danfoss OMM Hydraulic Mini Motors
Danfoss OMP Hydraulic Motors
Danfoss OMR Hydraulic Motors
Danfoss OMS Hydraulic Motors
Danfoss OMT Hydraulic Motors
Danfoss OMH Hydraulic Motors

HANJIU OMM Hydraulic Mini Motors
HANJIU OMP Hydraulic Motors
HANJIU OMR Hydraulic Motors
HANJIU OMS Hydraulic Motors
HANJIU OMT Hydraulic Motors
HANJIU OMH Hydraulic Motors

HANJIU is a world leader within production of low speed hydraulic motors with high torque. We can offer
more than 2500 different hydraulic motors, categorised in types, variants and sizes

Characteristic features:
• Smooth running over the entire speed range
• Constant operating torque over a wide speed range
• High starting torque
• High return pressure without the use of drain line (High pressure shaft seal)
• High efficiency
• Long life under extreme operating conditions
• Robust and compact design
• High radial and axial bearing capacity
• For applications in both open and closed loop hydraulic systems
• Suitable for a wide variety of hydraulics fluids

The programme is characterised by technical features appealing to a large number of applications and a part of the programme is characterised by motors that can be adapted to a given application. Adaptions comprise the following variants among others:
Technical Information Orbital Motors Type OMP, OMR and OMH A Wide Range of Hydraulics Motors
6 520L0262 • Rev DA • November 2014
• Motors with corrosion resistant parts
• Wheel motors with recessed mounting flange
• OMP, OMR- motors with needle bearing
• OMR motor in low leakage version
• Short motors without bearings
• Ultra short motors
• Motors with integrated positive holding brake
• Motors with integrated negative holding brake
• Motors with integrated flushing valve
• Motors with speed sensor
• Motors with tacho connection
• All motors are available with black finish paint

The HANJIU motors are used in the following application areas:
• Construction equipment
• Agricultural equipment
• Material handling & Lifting equipment
• Forestry equipment
• Lawn and turf equipment
• Special purpose
• Machine tools and stationary equipment
• Marine equipment

We agent and distribute the internationally renowned brand "HANJIU" hydraulic motors.
At present, most popular Brands in Hydraulics are Danfoss, Char Lynn, M+S, HANJIU, each with its own merits, however the reason why more and more clients choose HANJIU is because it has obvious advantages over other brands in terms of delivery, service, quality and profit rate.
We can offer more than orbital motors, categorised in types, variants and sizes


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