Application occasions and development trends of vane pumps

Traditionally, vane pumps, especially variable vane pumps, are mostly used in fixed installations of industrial and mining equipment and ships. However, in recent years, many walking machines have also been equipped with high-pressure quantitative vane pumps.


Vane pumps are widely used as a source of hydraulic oil for various metalworking machine tools. Their hydraulic systems generally have low power and medium working pressure, and require the use of a hydraulic pump with a stable output flow, low noise and long life, which is in line with the vane pump. specialty. The double vane pump composed of two units with different displacements can be superimposed to obtain three different flow rates, which is very suitable for processing equipment with very different feed and return speeds.


Various small and medium-sized equipment such as forging, punching, casting, rubber, and plastic molding have a large load change during an operation cycle. It is often necessary to “hold pressure” on the processing object or die. The variable vane pump with pressure compensation function can be used. Energy-efficient operation meets these requirements and is less costly. However, due to the increased working pressure of the hydraulic system in the new generation of equipment, and the considerable progress of other components in reducing noise and manufacturing costs, the application of variable vane pumps in this field has been slightly reduced. For various reasons, variable vane pumps belong to the hydraulic pump components with the least obvious technological progress in the past 20 years. Compared with modern variable piston pumps, variable vane pumps have obvious gaps in pressure, speed, power, efficiency and optional variable methods, and there are fewer varieties. In addition to lower prices and slightly better self-priming capacity, almost There are no other advantages at all. Its scope of application is shrinking. In accordance with this trend, a considerable part of variable vane pumps will inevitably be replaced by variable piston pumps or variable gear motors driven by variable displacement motors and internal gear pumps with better comprehensive performance and more variable adjustment methods.


In contrast to variable vane pumps, the new high-performance quantitative vane pump not only maintains and develops its position in the industrial hydraulics field, but also occupies many in mobile machinery for its advantages of small size, light weight, low noise and long life. Originally belonged to the market of external gear pumps. Especially in the field of hydraulic steering assist systems for cars, great advantages have been formed. In addition, it is increasingly used in engineering machinery, heavy vehicles, marine deck machinery, and aerospace equipment. Together with internal gear pumps, they will become the mainstream products of high-performance quantitative hydraulic pumps in the future.



Post time: Dec-14-2020