Piston pump operation rules

It is important to know how to use the Piston pump,If you know how to use it correctly,It will extend the life of your pump,Improve work efficiency,and then let you get more profit.


Follow is Piston pump operation rules:

  1. Before starting

(1) Check whether the oil level of the Piston pump meets the specified height.

(2) Check whether the water level of the large water tank meets the starting requirements.

(3) Check the tightness of the belt and the rotation direction of the motor fan.

(4) Check whether the incoming line voltage is balanced and meets the motor voltage requirements.

(5) Drive the Piston pump pulley to observe whether the square clamp hits the packing pressure plate.

(6) Open the exhaust valve of the low pressure end of the Piston pump.

(7) Open the low-pressure inlet valve and high-pressure outlet valve of the Piston pump, check the pipeline flow of the well group to prevent the pipeline from holding back pressure.

(8) Open the bleed valve on the low pressure side of the Piston pump.

(9) Adjust the opening of the high-pressure automatic control flow meter to a certain degree and disconnect the power supply of the high-pressure automatic control flow meter.

(10) Adjust the start knob to stop, wear insulated gloves, and close the corresponding Piston pump motor open circuit, and close the frequency converter cabinet total open circuit.


2. Start operation

(1) Turn the knob to remote start.

(2) Adjust the PID value and adjust the start knob to forward rotation.

(3) Observe the pump pressure and frequency to prevent the pump pressure from exceeding the starting value of the safety valve.

(4) Gradually increase the PID value to the required pump pressure.

(5) Check whether the three-phase current of the plunger pump motor is balanced.

(6) Observe the frequency, calculate the corresponding theoretical displacement, compare with the injection volume of the well group, and judge whether the plunger is not suppressed.

(7) Turn on the power switch of the high-pressure flow automatic controller, and remote monitoring and control.


3. Shutdown operation

(1) Observe whether there is coal powder in the single well of the well group.

(2) Power off the high-pressure flow automatic controller.

(3) Turn the knob to stop, and when the frequency of the inverter becomes zero, turn off the inverter’s total air circuit breaker, break the plunger pump motor air circuit breaker, and break the motor fan air circuit breaker.

(4) Close the high-pressure end valve of the plunger pump.

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Post time: Jan-05-2021