Want to buy a hydraulic directional valve? Then you must not miss Elephant Fluid Power

The hydraulic reversing valve is a valve that changes the direction of movement of the actuator by changing the flow direction of the pressure oil. It is the main component of the hydraulic system.  There are many types of hydraulic reversing valves, which can be divided into manual reversing valves, motorized reversing valves, electromagnetic reversing valves, etc. according to different control methods.  It is widely used in various manufacturing industries, such as our common agricultural tractors, sanitation machinery, etc., and it plays a good role in promoting the operation of machinery.


The hydraulic reversing valve can further control the reversing, start and stop of the actuator by controlling the on-off function of the oil in the oil circuit.  In short, the essence of the reversing valve is actually a kind of on-off valve, but it can not only change the direction of liquid flow, it can also remotely control hydraulic cylinders and motors, and is an indispensable component in the hydraulic system.


Manufacturers and manufacturers who know something about hydraulic components know that quality is particularly important for hydraulic components.  Especially in this era when hydraulic systems are widely used in all walks of life, the pursuit of quality for hydraulic systems is a consistent principle in the industry.  There are many companies producing hydraulic directional valves, but not everyone is so lucky to find a trusted partner.  This requires you to have a pair of insightful eyes, you can find the treasure in the hydraulic component market at a glance.

How can you miss Elephant Fluid Power, with a torch-eyed look?  This is a company specializing in the production of hydraulic components and has many years of experience in the field of hydraulic components.  Customers all over the world, have a high-quality reputation in the market, and are a reliable manufacturer of hydraulic components.  Buy Elephant Fluid Power products with reliable quality, stable performance and reasonable price.

On our company’s website https://www.heavyequipmentmaintain.com/, we show you our company’s main products in detail.  Such as hydraulic piston pumps, charge pumps, hydraulic motors and original accessories of various major brands.  The most worth mentioning, of course, is the hydraulic directional valve we sell. Manufacturers familiar with hydraulic directional valve also know that it is not only an automation component, it can also remotely control oil, gas, and gas in hydropower stations.  On and off of the water piping system.  Therefore, its existence is extremely important. It is necessary to use quality and guaranteed hydraulic directional valves to better cooperate with the work of the machine.

Elephant Fluid Power is very competitive in the market of hydraulic steering valves. We mainly act as agents and distributors of the internationally renowned brand “HAN JIU” hydraulic directional valves.  In the field of hydraulic directional valves, the “HAN JIU” brand has a high degree of recognition.  The product has long service life and reliable performance, and is the leader in the hydraulic directional valve market.

We mainly sell manual or mechanically controlled hydraulic directional control valves.  In terms of material selection, we chose cast iron EN-GJL300 and carbohydrate steel with hard chrome plating.  It is made from 1 to 7 plungers, with parallel or serial operation for your choice.  Each plunger has a common or separate rear valve, the maximum operating flow can reach 40L/min, and a variety of operating methods are flexible and changeable.  Such as pneumatic control, electrical and pneumatic control, electro-hydraulic control, remote control, etc.

In industry and manufacturing, the use of P40 P80 valves has also become very common.  If you want to be the first to win, then you must not miss the hydraulic directional valve of Elephant Fluid Power.  If you have any special needs, you can also contact our customer service staff on the website, and we will have professional staff to develop an exclusive hydraulic system plan for you.  Use our most sincere service attitude to solve your problems by putting yourself in the spot.

Because of professionalism and quality, we are more confident to recommend our products to you.  Choose Elephant Fluid Power, your hydraulic directional valve is more secure.


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