VQ Series-vane pumps

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Elephant Fluid Power: Provide VQ series Hydraulic Vane Pump,We can make varies of hydraulic pumps parts with factory-direct prices and have state of the art machining testing facilities to assist clients with their projects.
Elephant Fluid Power: guarantee quality and appropriate prices, and perfect after-sales service.

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Model 1: VQ Series-vane pumps 20VQ,25VQ,35VQ,45VQ

Model 2: VQ Series double pumps  2520VQ,3520VQ,3525VQ,4520VQ,4525VQ,4535VQ

Model 3: VQT Series-vane pumps  25VQT,35VQT,45VQT

4535VQ60A25-1AA-22R, 4535VQ60A25-1CC-22R, 4525VQ60A12-1AA-22R, 4525VQ60A12-1CC-22R, 2520vq17a5-1aa-22r,2520VQ17A5 1AB22R, 2520VQ17A8 1AA22R, 2520VQ17A8 1CC22L, 2520VQ21A5 1AA22R, 2520VQ21A5 1CC22R, 2520VQ21A8 1CC22R, 2520VQ21A11 1AA22R, 2520VQ21A12 1AA22R, 2520VQ21A12 1BB22R, 2520VQ21A14 1AD22R, 3520VQ25A5 1CC22R, 3520VQ25A8-86CB22R, 3520VQ30A5 1DC22R

(F3-) 25VQ 19 A (F) -1 A 30 R



Flow code

Port connections

Installation type

Shaft type

Port positions

Design number

Petroleum series oilemulsification fluid
water glycol-fluid
F3:phosphate ester fluid
20VQ 2、3、4、5、6、7、8、9、10、11、12、14 A-SAE
4-bolt flange
No-markingFlange MountingF-Foot Mountion 1-Str key151-Spline (Views from shaft end of pump)A-Opposite inlet port
B-90° CCW from inlet
C-linline with inlet
D-90° CW from inlet
30 Views from shaft end of pumpR-right hand for clockwiseL-left hand for counter-clockwise
25VQ 10、12、14、15、17、19、21、25 1-Str key
86-HD str key11-Spline
35VQ 21、25、30、32、35、38、45
45VQ 42、45、50、57、60、66、75

USgpm Flow(USgpm)at 1200r/min and 0.69MPa

F3 -25VQT -A -B -21 -A -2 -297


Thru-drive connection

Mounting flange

Flow code

port connections

Thr-drive coupling

Shaft type
F3:Fluoro rubber sealsNo standar seals 25VQT A
B 101-2 12、14、17、21 A-SAE4-bolt flange 2-SAE splined couping. include with pump 202-Straignht key203-Straignht key297-Splined
35VQT C 127-2 25、30、35、38
45VQT C 127-2 42、50、60


-A -A -20 -R

Outlet positions

Adapter mounting orientation

Design number

(Viewed from cover end of pump)A-Opposite inlet portB-90° CCW from inletC-linline with inletD-90° CW from inlet A-A adapter Rotated 45° CW with respect to pump mtg.flg.A-B adapter In line with pump mtg.flg.B-A adapter Rotated 45° CCW with respect to pump mtg.flg.B-B adapter Rotated 90° with respect to pump mtg.flg. 21-29 L-Left hand (counter-clockwise)R-Right hand (clockwise)


Hydraulic vane pumps and vane motors. We supply a wide range of products, such as Denison T6 series, Denison motor M4C series, Eaton Vickers V, VQ, V10, V20 ,VTM42 power steering pump series, Eaton Vickers vane motors 25M 35M 45M 50M series, Tokimec SQP series,50T 150T and Yuken PV2R series. The products are widely applied in mining construction machinery, materials handling equipment, heavy metallurgical machinery, petroleum mining machinery, ship deck machinery, machine tools, light industry, plastic machinery, geological drilling equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, mineral machinery, construction equipment, and work platform, lawn mowers, special vehicles, fishing winches, machine tools, woodworking and sawing machines, rubber machinery and other machinery in the hydraulic system.



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