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If you know about hydraulic systems, you will never doubt the importance of hydraulic directional control valves. The hydraulic directional control valve, as a control element that controls the specific direction of the mechanical oil circuit, determines the internal operating efficiency of the entire mechanical equipment. A hydraulic directional control valve that can indicate the direction of the oil circuit can be described as a beacon in the hydraulic system.

Case Study Of Hydraulic Directional Valve

Hydraulic Directional Valve Case

Hydraulic Directional Valve Case

As a highly complex operating system, the hydraulic system requires a bridge to connect and control the components. Only through continuous operation and control can the excellent functions of the hydraulic system be better played. The hydraulic directional control valve is such an important existence. It can control the interruption or connection of the oil circuit in the hydraulic system, so that the hydraulic system can be more flexible and changeable, and the flexibility and applicability of the hydraulic system can be improved. The hydraulic reversing valve can be widely used in excavators, loaders, rubber and plastic machinery, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, etc.

What Is The Directional Valve Function?

The hydraulic reversing valve plays an important role in the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system without the hydraulic reversing valve cannot be regarded as a complete hydraulic system at all. The hydraulic reversing valve is a directional control valve with more than two flow patterns and more than two oil ports, which can realize the communication, cut-off and reversal of the hydraulic oil flow. Without the hydraulic reversing valve, the oil path can only go in one direction, which is a restriction on the operation of the hydraulic system.

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