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  • Concrete mixer truck PMB7.5,PMP7.5sp reducer

Concrete mixer truck PMB7.5, PMP7.5sp reducer

The reducer is manufacutred by Elephant fluid Power Co., Ltd, a famous made in China brand. PMB7.5, PMP7.5sp model can be usted to replace Original ZF PMB7.5, PMP7.5sp model. We have equivalent quality as the original one, more competitive price, delivery fast, and best after-sales services. ELEPHANT Fluid Power is a hydraulic power expert integrating professional concrete mixer (pump truck) hydraulic system supporting, maintenance and spare parts supply.

Details of Concrete mixer truck PMB7.5, PMP7.5sp reducer

The company has long-term supply of PMP7.5sp reducer assembly, mixer truck PMP reducer bearing oil seal, PMP7.5sp reducer bearing oil seal, PMP6.5S/PMP7.0S/PMP7.5sp reducer and accessories, mixer truck reducer, Italy Reducer, PMP special bearing oil seal, specific models 800730, 801806, 809280, 40779, 540626AA, 579905A, 579905AA, 801215A, 804312A, bs2B248180, 540626AA. J30CNF, etc. 

Attribute of Concrete Mixer Truck Reducer PMB7.5, PMP7.5sp

Application:Machinery, Marine, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Name:Concrete Truck Mixer Reducer
Steering Position:Rhd, LHD
Material:Steel, Iron, Copper and Other
Warranty:12 Months

The hydraulic components of concrete machinery (mixer truck, pump truck, towed pump truck) are provided in the long-term spot as follows:

German ZF ZF seriesP3301, P4300, P5300, P7300, P7500, PLM-7, PLM-9 mixer truck reducer assembly
Italy PMP seriesPMB6R100, PMB7A120, PMB7B129, PMB6.5R120, PMB6spR129, PMB7aspR120, PMB7.1R120, PMB7R130, PMB7.1R130, PMB7.2R130, PMB8R140 mixer truck reducer assembly
Italy Bonfiglioli series575L, 577L, 580L mixer truck reducer assembly
American SAUER Sauer seriesTM51.2, TM61.2, TM71.2 mixer truck reducer assembly
Italy TOPUNIOU Top seriesP68, P70S, P75S, P75R, P90 mixer truck reducer assembly
Japan DAIKIN seriesDD33-MF, PK86-BF mixer truck reducer assembly
Japan KYB card dumb seriesRC100, RC102 mixer truck reducer assembly
Special bearing and oil seal for mixer truck reducer800730, 801806, 248180, 804312A, 809280, 537176, PLC59/5, 40779, 5313D11, 540626AA, 23222, 579905A, 32022, 809281
Hydraulic pump series of mixer truckRexroth Rexroth A4VTG71, A4VTG90, Sauer SPV22, SPV23, T90, PV089, KYB PSVS-90, Ukraine NP71, NP90, NP112, Eaton 4623, 5423, 6423 assembly
Mixer hydraulic motor seriesRexroth AA2FM68, AA2FM80, AA2FM90, Sauer MF22, MF23, TMM90, MF089, KYB MSF-85, Ukraine MP71, MP90, MP112, Eaton 4633, 5433, 6433 assembly

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