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  • A10VSO71DFR/31R-PPA12N00

A10VSO71DFR/31R-PPA12N00 Hydraulic Piston Pump

Application fields: forging industry, petroleum machinery industry, metallurgical industry, paper industry, etc.

Details of A10VSO71DFR/31R-PPA12N00

Product introduction:

  • Specially designed for open circuit hydraulic drive.

  • The flow of the pump is proportional to the speed and displacement of the pump, and the displacement can be adjusted steplessly by adjusting the inclination of its swash plate.

  • Load-sensing pump, suitable for occasions where the hydraulic system needs flow;

  • Axial plunger pump with swash plate design, plane flow distribution;

  • Through shaft transmission, both front and rear pumps can be connected in series.

  • Ideal power-to-weight ratio and low noise.

Features of A10VSO71DFR/31R-PPA12N00

1. Axial piston pump with swashplate design for hydraulic drive in open circuit.
2. Optional installation location.
3. Excellent oil absorption characteristics.
4. Low noise level.
5. Long service life.
6. Modular design.
7. Short response time.
8. Variable speed drive options.

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