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Gear Pump

Gear pump is a kind of hydraulic pump widely used in hydraulic system. It is generally made into quantitative pump. According to different structures, gear pump is divided into external gear pump and internal gear pump, and external gear pump is the most widely used.

The hydraulic gear pump mainly includes: high pressure quantitative gear pump, high pressure double gear pump, lubrication pump, chemical pump, bidirectional gear motor, gear pump with pressure regulating valve, gear pump with lift valve

Case Study Of Tractor pump

Tractor pump Case

Tractor pump Case

The gear pumps produced by Elephant Fluid Power are used in manufacture, repair and maintain fields including tractors, wheeled tractors, gardening machinery, endless tractors, harvesters of wheat, corn, rice, etc., plant protection machines, agricultural machinery, etc., Our products have excellent quality, competitive prices, fast delivery and good after-sales service. They have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions in the world, and have won wide acclaim from customers.

The Guiding Of Tractor pump

Among the existing hydraulic pumps, the working pressure of gear pumps is second only to that of plunger pumps. In addition, they are small in size and low in price, so they are widely used in mobile equipment and vehicles as pressure oil sources for hydraulic working systems and steering systems. On the other hand, due to the large speed and displacement range of the gear pump, strong oil absorption capacity and low cost, it is also often used as an auxiliary pump for various hydraulic systems, such as the supplementary pump in the closed circuit, and the pilot control system. The low pressure control oil source in the middle and so on. However, in the field of fixed hydraulic equipment, due to the large flow pulsation, high noise and limited life of external gear pumps, they have become increasingly unpopular as main pumps, and their uses are limited to auxiliary pumps and pre-pressure pumps operating at low pressure. On the contrary, the internal gear pump is one of the hydraulic pumps with low noise and good comprehensive performance. Except for the slightly higher price, it is almost superior to the external gear pump in other aspects.

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