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 Rotor Assembly

ELEPHANT Fluid Power is a hydraulic power expert integrating professional concrete mixer (pump truck) hydraulic system supporting, maintenance, and spare parts supply.

Detail Of Rotor Assembly

Reducer PLM9 motor piston disc rotor PLM7 stator wavering inner curve track disc-sun shaft-planet carrier-gear, PLM9 motor stator wavering inner curve track disc, PLM9 reducer motor rotor assembly includes piston group, piston ring, spring, Spring base for PLM9 reducer and PLM7 reducer.

PLM9/PLM7 reducer motor stator wave disc track disc, PLM9 motor wave circle/inner curve track disc, suitable for German PLM9/PLM7 integrated reducer.

Sun shaft/planet carrier/planetary gear PLM9 oil sealed bearing, series P3301/P4300/P5300/P7300/PLM7/PLM9 reducer assembly and accessories: motor assembly.

Attribute of Rotor Assembly

Standard Component:Standard Component
Type:Rotor Assembly
Transport Package:Neutral Box Packing

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