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  • A4FO500/30R-PPH25N00

A4FO500/30R-PPH25N00 Hydraulic Piston Pump

Application areas: Forging presses and fast forging machines, extrusion presses and die casting machines and other long-term fixed flow output occasions.

Details of A4FO500/30R-PPH25N00

Product introduction:

  • Heavy-duty axial piston pump, high-rigidity casing and integral swing swash plate, used for high-reliability open hydraulic equipment;

  • Quantitative pump, large displacement, axial plunger with swash plate structure, used for hydrostatic transmission in open circuit;

  • The through shaft transmits 100% torque, and can be combined with pumps for industrial applications;

  • Compared with variable pumps, it has higher power density ratio and higher output pressure (P rated 35MPa, P peak 40MPa);

  • The design is simple and economical.

Features of A4FO500/30R-PPH25N00

  • Fixed pump in axial piston swashplate design for hydrostatic drives in an open circuit.

  • For use in mobile and stationary applications.

  • Flow is proportional to the drive speed and displacement.

  • High power density.

  • High total efficiency.

  • Optimized dimensions for special installation situations.

  • Excellent suction characteristics.

  • Low noise level.

  • Long service life.

  • Economical design.

  • Through drive for combining additional pumps.

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