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  • Hydraulic Vane Pump Cartridge Kit
  • Hydraulic Vane Pump Cartridge Kit
  • Hydraulic Vane Pump Cartridge Kit
  • Hydraulic Vane Pump Cartridge Kit

Hydraulic Vane Pump Cartridge Kit

Elephant Fluid Power provide Vane pump Cartridge kit 100% interchangeable with oem parts. We can make varies of hydraulic pumps parts with factory direct prices and have state of the art machining testing facilities to assist clients with their projects.

Details of Hydraulic Vane Pump Cartridge Kit

CAT Spare Parts

1U0422 3G2196 3G4095   3G7660 4K4634 6E3139  7J0584  9J5050    9J5134 7J0587 9T16971U0532 3G2197 3G4097 3G7661 4K4635 6E3209   7J0585  9J5051 9J5053  9J5135    9T17631U2149  3G2198 3G4601 3G7662 4K4869 6E4182    7J0586 9J72329J5052  9J5136  9T22001U2652 3G2199 3G4602 3G7663   4T0508 6E4258  9T3866

9T40381U2664 3G2200 3G4661 3G7664 4T0509   6E4265 7J0590  9J5054  9J7891  9T53361U2665 3G2201 3G4768   3G7665 4T0416  6E4934 7J0594  9J5055  9J8178    9T57931U2666 3G2233 3G5810 3G7666 4T0417  6E5052 7J0603    9J5056  9J8179  9T61231U2667 3G2234 3G5863 3G7667 4T0422 6E5072   7J0611   9J5057  9J8180  9T79161U2668 3G2235 3G5868   3G8461 4T1893  6E5650 7J0860  9J5058  9J8181     10028701U2669 3G2236 3G6826 3J6536  4T2111   6E5965   7J1397  9J5059  9J8182  10029611U2670 3G2237 3G6846   3J9602  4T2767 6E6476 7J1779  9J5060  9J8183  1003406

1U2671  3G2238 3G6856 3K7943   4T5614  6E6477 7J2194  9J5061  9J8184  1003414


1U2824 3G2239 3G7400 3K8301  4T5704   6E6659 7J4349  9J5062  9J8185  1043128

1U3473 3G2243 3G7411  3K8926 4T6020   6E6666 7J4748  9J5063  9J8186  1050636

1U3519  3G2717 3G7412 3K9539 4T6847   6J0050  7J4882  9J5064  9J8187  1052155

1U3842 3G2718 3G7632 3T8098 4T6869   6J1101   7J5801  9J5065  9J8188  1070035

1U3881  3G2719 3G7633 3T8359 4T6947   6J1578  7J6229  9J5066  9J8190  1080502

1U3952 3G2720 3G7634 4J0974    1T7025  6J1579  7J8199  9J5067  9J8192  1206744

1U3953 3G2721 3G7635 4J0990  4T7426   6J1714   8J2059  9J5068  9J8193  1213409

1U3969 3G2722 3G7636 4J1310     4T9367 6J6320  8J2504  9J5083  9J8194  121250


3A1692 3G2749 3G7637 4J1399    5J1219   6J7625  8J4515  9J5085  9J8195    1570956

3G1238 3G2751 3G7638 4J1401     5J1251   6J7630  8J6730  9J5088  9J8197  1629246

3G1239 3G2752 3G7639 4J2460  5U0557   6J7635  8J6810  9J5091  9J8198  1629248

3G1240 3G2806 3G7640 4J2461  6E0838   7J0554  8J6886  9J5093  9J8199  1914610

3G1266 3G2807 3G7641 4J3447    6E1412  7J0556  8J8623  9J5094  9J8201  1214019

3G1267 3G2832 3G7651 4J3449  6E2046   7J0558  8J8624  9J5096  9J8202  1214313

3G1268 3G2834 3G7652 4J3538  6E2387   7J0561  8J8809  9J5098  9J8203  1214512

3G1269 3G2835 3G7653 4J4707  6E2396   7J0562  8J8813  9J5099  9J8204  1236765

3G1271  3G2848 3G7655 4J7948    6E2928 7J0565  9J5042  9J5101   9T0486   1243503 1243504

3G1686 3G2858 3G7656 4J7949  6E2929   7J0566  9J5045  9J5102  9T1078  1287228

3G1855 3G3895 3G7657 4J8483    6E2931  7J0570  9J5046  9J5104  9T1080  1364815

3G2194 3G4092 3G7658 4J8484    6E3136  7J0582  9J5047  9J5131   9T1340    1392383

3G2195 3G4094 3G7659 4K3331    6E3137  7J0583  9J5048  9J5132  9T1696 1439722

Hydraulic vane pumps and vane motors. We supply a wide range of products, such as Denison T6 series, Denison motor M4C series, Eaton Vickers V, VQ, V10, V20, VTM42 power steering pump series, Eaton Vickers vane motors 25M 35M 45M 50M series, Tokimec SQP series, 50T 150T and Yuken PV2R series.

The products are widely applied in mining construction machinery, materials handling equipment, heavy metallurgical machinery, petroleum mining machinery, ship deck machinery, machine tools, light industry, plastic machinery, geological drilling equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, mineral machinery, construction equipment, and work platform, lawn mowers, special vehicles, fishing winches, machine tools, woodworking and sawing machines, rubber machinery and other machinery in the hydraulic system.

Features of Hydraulic Vane Pump Cartridge Kit:

High pressure and high perfomance dowel pin type vane pumps are widely used for plastic machinery, casting machinery, metallurgy machinery, pressing machinery, refining machinery, construction machinery, marine machinery.
1. With dowel pin vane structure, it can work in high pressure, low noise and long lifetime.
2. This vane pump can fit wide viscosity hydraulic medium, and be started at low temperature and work at high temperature.
3. As the vane pump adopts bilabial structure vane, it has high oil polution resistance and wide speed scope, max pressure can 32MPa, max speed can reach 3600 rpm.

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