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The piston pump is an important parts in the hydraulic system. It relies on the reciprocating motion of the piston in the cylinder block to change the volume of the sealed working cavity to achieve oil absorption and oil pressure.

Piston pumps are generally divided into single piston pumps, horizontal piston pumps, axial piston pumps and radial piston pumps. The piston pump has the advantages of high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow adjustment. Piston pumps are widely used in occasions where high pressure, large flow and flow need to be adjusted, such as hydraulic equipment, construction machinery and ships.

Types Of Hydraulic Piston Pump

Hydraulic Piston Pump Diagram

Hydraulic Piston Pump Diagram

Case Study Of Hydraulic Piston Pump

Hydraulic Piston Pump Case

Hydraulic Piston Pump Case

The piston pumps produced by Elephant Fluid Power are widely used in the production, repair, renovation and maintenance of earth-moving machinery such as excavators, road rollers, drilling rigs, concrete pump trucks, mixer trucks, etc. We can provide replacement all major brands and series for rexroth, danfoss, komatsu, kawasaki.etc.Our products have same quality and good after-sales service, delivery fast, and it has won wide applause and recognition from the market.

What's the Piston Pump Working Principle?

The piston pump is an important device in the hydraulic system. Using the operating state of the medium-pressure plug pump to seal the working cylinder, the oil pressure change during operation is realized, and the high operating pressure of the pumping oil pump, the structure of the plug pump, the function of the pump column, and the efficiency are realized. It has the advantages of high and high convenience, and is widely used in high-pressure equipment, large flow and flow occasions, such as hydraulic presses, convenient flow and other construction machinery and ships.

The column type compound pump is a kind of volume pump. The eccentric drive of the column type pump is a plug, reciprocating movement, and a check valve with a plug valve. When the column is pulled outside, the pressure in the working chamber is reduced, the inlet valve, when the inlet liquid is opened, enters; when the column is inside, the outlet pressure, the inlet valve is closed, and when the outlet pressure is closed, the outlet opens the valve, and the fluidity. When the drive shaft is pushed and the outlet cylinder is rotated, the swash plate pulls or pushes the plunger out of the cylinder to complete the suction and discharge process. The oil in the working chamber formed by the cylinder block and the cylinder hole is communicated with the suction and discharge chambers of the pump respectively through the oil distribution plate. The disc mechanism changes the inclination angle of the inclined plate, and the displacement of the pump can be changed by adjusting the inclination angle of the inclination.

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