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  • A4VSG500EO2/30R-PPH10N00

A4VSG500EO2/30R-PPH10N00 Hydraulic Piston Pump

Application field: shield machine industry

Details of A4VSG500EO2/30R-PPH10N00

Product introduction:

  • Electric proportional closed control, suitable for higher requirements.

  • High pressure and heavy load, high reliability, large displacement, meeting the requirements of shield machine.

  • Full-through shaft, can realize series pump, reduce cost.

Features of A4VSG500EO2/30R-PPH10N00

1. Five-piston structure with eccentric shaft and low excitation frequency, has the characteristics of low noise;
2. Large starting torque, good stability at low speed;
3. Plane compensation oil distributor with good reliability and no leakage; piston and plunger sleeve are sealed by a sealing ring, which has high volumetric efficiency;
4. Roller supports are provided between crankshaft and connecting rod, has high mechanical efficiency;
5. Rotation direction is reversible, and output shaft is allowed to bear radial and axial external forces;
6. High power quality ratio, small volume and weight.
7. Noise is less than 80 dbs.

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