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Belaz Dump Truck Parts

Belaz 75131 Parts List

Solar pinion of first row75132-2405522
Torsion shaft75132-2405526
Satellite shaft of second row75191-2405492
Satellite of the second row7519-2405434
Crown pinion of second row7519-2405496
Crown pinion of the first row75132-2405284
First row carrier75132-2405300
Driving cover75132-2405334
Solar pinion of second row7519-2405372
Satellite of the first row75132-2405264
Shaft of first row satellite75132-2405332
Front wheel hub7513-3103015

Belaz 75306 Parts List

First train crown gear7521-2405284-20
Second train crown gear7520-2405496
First train sun gear7521-2405522-20
Second train sun gear7520-2405372
First train planet pinion7521-2405264-20
Second train planet pinion7520-2405434
First row carrier75216-2405300
Pinion axle7521-2405332-11
Second train planet pinion axle7521-2405492
Torsion shaft7521-2405524-20
Rear wheel hub7520-3104015-01

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