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  • V10V20 SERIES Vane Pump
  • V10V20 SERIES Vane Pump
  • V10V20 SERIES Vane Pump
  • V10V20 SERIES Vane Pump
  • V10V20 SERIES Vane Pump
  • V10V20 SERIES Vane Pump

V10V20 SERIES Vane Pump

Elephant Fluid Power: Provide V10V20 series Hydraulic Vane Pump. We can make varies of hydraulic pumps parts with factory-direct prices and have state of the art machining testing facilities to assist clients with their projects.

Elephant Fluid Power: guarantee quality and appropriate prices, and perfect after-sales service.

Details of V10V20 SERIES Vane Pump


V20 Vickers Replacement Hydraulic Single Vane Pump


Elephant fluid power

Model Number

V10 V20 SERIES Vane Pump


V10, V20, V2010, V2020, V2010F, V2020F, V2010P, V2020P


1. Same connecting dimension, but lower noise and better performance than original Vickers pump. 2. High-Performance Vane Pumps for Heavy equipments, Mining machinery, Rubber & Plastic machinery, Shoes machinery, Die Casting Machinery, Metallurgical machinery, Metal Cutting Machinery.

Hydraulic vane pumps and vane motors. We supply a wide range of products, such as Denison T6 series, Denison motor M4C series, Eaton Vickers V, VQ, V10, V20, VTM42 power steering pump series, Eaton Vickers vane motors 25M 35M 45M 50M series, Tokimec SQP series,50T 150T and Yuken PV2R series. The products are widely applied in mining construction machinery, materials handling equipment, heavy metallurgical machinery, petroleum mining machinery, ship deck machinery, machine tools, light industry, plastic machinery, geological drilling equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, mineral machinery, construction equipment, and work platform, lawn mowers, special vehicles, fishing winches, machine tools, woodworking and sawing machines, rubber machinery and other machinery in the hydraulic system.

Features of V10V20 SERIES Vane Pump

★ The structure is designed as a mother-in-one blade, which minimizes the high-pressure impact of the blade on the stator. Under medium, high pressure and high speed, the performance is more stable and the life is longer.
★ The floating side plate is used to automatically compensate the gap, achieve pressure balance, and achieve high speed and high pressure, up to 21MPa.
★ The side plate adopts bimetal flexible material to improve the anti-seizure performance, complete displacement, plug-in structure pump core, high-precision parts, flexible use and convenient maintenance.

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