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  • A4VLO355LR2/30R-VZB13N00+A4VLO355LR2/30R-VZB13N00

A4VLO355LR2/30R-VZB13N00+A4VLO355LR2/30R-VZB13N00 Hydraulic Piston Pump

Application areas: high-speed and high-reliability applications such as construction machinery, offshore equipment, and mobile vehicles.

Details of A4VLO355LR2/30R-VZB13N00+A4VLO355LR2/30R-VZB13N00

Product introduction:

  • Heavy-duty axial piston pump, high-rigidity casing and integral swing swash plate, used for high-reliability open hydraulic equipment;

  • High-speed constant-power pump, suitable for open-type medium-high-speed hydraulic equipment;

  • Higher rated speed, suitable for high speed drive of construction machinery diesel engine;

  • Built-in impeller pressurization, excellent oil absorption characteristics;

  • Unique optimized structure design, no need to replace large parts and base for left and right steering;

  • The through shaft transmits 100% torque and can be combined with pumps in series to meet multi-functional applications;

  • Adapt to mobile equipment driven by high-speed, high-reliability, high-pressure, and long-life diesel engines.

Advantages of A4VLO355LR2/30R-VZB13N00+A4VLO355LR2/30R-VZB13N00

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4. we also dealer brand such as Rexroth, DANFOSS, Eton.

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