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  • A4VSM355EO2/30W-PZB02
  • A4VSM355EO2/30W-PZB02 Hydraulic Piston Pump
  • A4VSM355EO2/30W-PZB02
  • A4VSM355EO2/30W-PZB02 Hydraulic Piston Pump

A4VSM355EO2/30W-PZB02 Hydraulic Piston Pump

Application Area:

Requires motor displacement remote control, invisibilityless variable speed control.

Details of A4VSM355EO2/30W-PZB02

Product introduction:

  • Through-shaft variable piston motor, high-rigidity housing and integral swing swash plate, specially designed for hydrostatic transmission in open and closed oil circuits, variable flow is proportional to speed, suitable for variable speed drive;

  • Proportional speed regulating motor, electronically controlled to adjust the angle of the swash plate, and the output speed can be changed steplessly;

  • Through shaft transmits 100% torque, can be combined with pumps in series, higher power/weight ratio;

  • Spherical flow distribution, stepless variable, maximum displacement limit setting 50%Vmax~Vmax;

  • The visible swing angle indicator makes it easier to judge the working status of the pump;

  • It is suitable for equipment driving with high reliability, high pressure, long life and wide speed change requirements.

Advantages of A4VSM355EO2/30W-PZB02

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