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  • PV092R1K1T1NMMC

PV092R1K1T1NMMC Hydraulic Piston Pump

Application areas: industrial applications, occasions requiring pressure control.

Details of PV092R1K1T1NMMC

Product introduction:

  • Heavy-duty axial piston pump, rigid shell and swash plate, used for high reliability open hydraulic equipment; Axial piston pump with swash plate design, plane distribution;

  • Through shaft transmission, both front and rear pumps can be connected in series;

  • Low noise, the FEM optimized pump body and pre-compression chamber settings effectively reduce the noise level;

  • Large variable control piston, strong return spring, fast response;

  • High self-priming speed.

Features of PV092R1K1T1NMMC

1. Completely interchangeable with original.
2. High efficiency, low noise and long service life.
3. Both metric and imperial system are available.
4. Big size of control piston and spring gurantee fast response, compensation time takes only 40ms, And full response time 80ms.
5. Due to unload of control system, it features low peak pressure.
6. For engineering machinery, maritime and boat and industrial machinery industry, etc.
7. Accurate and smart control, even under pressure 10 bar.
8. This pump is composed of 9 pistons, and gurantee low pulse.
9. Many types of control mode are available.
10.100% capacity of through drive torque.
11. Very competitive price.
12.1 year of warranty.

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