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a2fe motor

a2fe quantitative motor standard-direction tapered plunger rotary group with curved shaft structure

a2fe motor is used in: Mechanical wheel boxes, for example: Drive wheel boxes of crawler machines.

The mounting flange of a2fe motor is in the middle of the housing. This structure allows the maximum volume of the motor to be installed in the mechanical gearbox, making the overall fit of the machine compact.

Displacement supported by a2fe motor: 23, 28, 32, 45, 56, 63, 80, 90, 107, 125, 160, 180.

a2fe motor technical data:

Nominal pressure 35-40 MPa

Steering: The oil inlet of port A is clockwise, and the oil inlet of port B is counterclockwise.

Note: When the pressure of the pulse load exceeds 32MPa, it is recommended to use the standard A-type spline shaft, and the pressure of the A oil port and the B oil port cannot exceed 70 MPa

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