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Elephant Fluid Power is the agent of HANJIU's Excelsior Hydraulic Motors

200,000 HANJIU orbit motors have achieved sales revenue of 200 million yuan. Although affected by the epidemic, HANJIU motors still have good production and sales.

The brilliant performance benefits from HANJIU's development philosophy and strict management. Technical improvements for many years include: precision grinding of double end faces of cycloid meshing pair, on-line measurement precision grinding of steering gear valve core, on-line measurement precision grinding of steering gear valve sleeve, group processing of various types, three-coordinate measurement Type measurement, digital display numerical control data input product performance testing, etc.

OMR series orbit motor is a kind of shaft distribution hydraulic motor. This series of orbit motor uses a column-mounted rotor and stator pair. It has a structure that can work under high pressure and can automatically compensate, so that the whole machine has high efficiency and good retention and high torque operation. long life.

OMR features:

Adopting advanced design of rotor and stator parameters, the starting pressure is low, the efficiency is high, and the retention is good, and the operation is stable.

The high-pressure shaft seal is adopted, which can bear high back pressure, allowing series and parallel use.

The linkage shaft structure is specially designed, and the motor has a long service life.

The parameter optimization design of the distribution system can meet the requirements of low noise.

OMR motors are compact and easy to install.

The rated speed and torque refer to the output value under the rated flow and pressure.

The continuous value refers to the maximum value that the displacement motor can work continuously.

The intermittent value refers to the maximum value of the displacement motor working for 6 seconds in 1 minute.

The peak value refers to the maximum value of the displacement motor working for 0.6 seconds in 1 minute.

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Elephant Fluid Power is the agent of HANJIU's full range of orbit motors. Elephant Fluid Power is looking forward to your consultation. Elephant Fluid Power serves all customers with a sincere attitude and serves the world with the best products and the most reasonable prices.