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How To Repair Hydraulic Piston Pump

Maybe you've come across a situation where the hydraulic piston pump stopped working in a sudden. You may have no clue about the machine’s malfunction. As a manufacturer that provides professional solutions for the international hydraulic market, Elephant Fluid Power often encounters various problems from customers about the hydraulic system and solves numerous problems. Today for everyone introduce four tips, which could solve most problems that we may encounter in daily routine.

1.The hydraulic pump does not produce oil.

It generally occurs when the system tend to re-exclude air, and the oil pump does not work in the absence of oil. We have to add some lubrication to the oil pump. The oil pump can work and when it is fully lubricated and sealed, And then it would exhaust the air for the oil-supply system in order. The return pipe of the common rail system of the hydraulic pump is sunk at the bottom of the tank ( the same as the inlet pipe), so the air in its return pipe must be drained too.

2.The phenomenon that the two high-pressure outlet pipes of hydraulic pump do not produce oil.

When it happens, the rail-pressure cannot be established, and the oil cannot enter the inside of the hydraulic piston pump spare parts, so it is the problem of low pressure. The solution is to re-check the metering unit and ensure the fuel of the gear pump can enter the tubing in time.

3.the engine can not continuously accelerate when the rotational speed is up to 1500 round per minute.

The engine of the hydraulic pump spares has a failure mode that the engine would launch a protection mode once the motor reaches 1500 rpm. at this time the water temperature is too high and the oil temperature is too low belongs to this type of protection. When the engine acceleration can not keep up, we should check whether there is a low-pressure oil circuit problem, whether there is a problem with the common rail pressure relief valve, and whether there is a problem with the wiring harness and connector of the electrical part.

4.The phenomenon that the Hydraulic pump has big noise.

Probably some parts inside the hydraulic pump are damaged or worn. We can disassemble the hydraulic pump and replace or clean the damaged parts. In addition, we provide good quality and fast delivery hydraulic components and good services for machinery production and maintenance. Maybe you can choose us and we will release you from 99% troubles.

The above is the solutions to malfunction of hydraulic pump. Besides, if you are an amateur, when you come across these problems, you should ask professionals for maintenance for fear of bigger problems.You can also contact us directly. If your fault is repairable, our professionals will give you correct operation instructions. If your fault is irreparable and you need to replace parts, we also have a lot of hydraulic piston pump parts to choose from. I hope it will be helpful to you in the application process of hydraulic pumps. For more information about hydraulic pumps, welcome go to our official website https://www.heavyequipmentmaintain.com/ to learn more about them, we provide various professional products and personalized service.

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