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Hydraulic Cylinder Directional Valve

In the actual use of hydraulic cylinder directional valve, is relying on the change of valve core and valve body position to control the flow direction, with the continuous development of technology, hydraulic cylinder directional valve is more and more widely used, let's learn about hydraulic cylinder directional Valve fault causes and troubleshooting methods.

The solenoid reversing valve solenoid coil burns out. The main causes of failure include:

  1. The specification selection of the enameled wire of the electromagnetic coil is not suitable, the ambient temperature is too high, and the electromagnetic coil is aging due to corrosion.

  2. The working oil viscosity of the system is too high, resulting in excessive working load of the solenoid valve coil.

  3. The processing accuracy of the solenoid valve is not enough, or there are pollutants entering, which directly causes the valve core to be clamped, and the solenoid valve cannot push the valve core.

  4. The return spring of the solenoid valve is just too large or the installation is wrong, which directly causes the spring force to be greater than the suction force of the solenoid. After these faults occur in the solenoid directional valve, it should be stopped in time and the solenoid coil should be replaced [2].

AC electromagnets are noisy. During the actual operation of many solenoid directional valves, the solenoid coil is prone to sound, which is mainly caused by the following reasons:

  1. There is a problem with the quality of the electromagnet itself. This circuit is created between the core and the fixed core as alternating current passes through the solenoid coil. If the processing error of the guide plate and the movable core is too large, it will affect the pulling effect of the core and the movable core.

  2. There is dirt between the moving core and the fixed core, which eventually produces a buzzing sound during operation.

  3. The copper short-circuit ring on the fixed iron core is broken, and finally electromagnetic sound is generated.

  4. The swing bar is too long. This will directly cause noise between the core and the fixed core because they cannot be well absorbed. At this point, the swing lever needs to be shortened.

Solenoid valve operation failure. In the actual operation process, whether the action of the electromagnetic commutation generation is accurate or not is mainly affected by the suction force, spring force and friction resistance of the valve core. If the electromagnet is of poor quality or the wire is broken, it will lead to insufficient electromagnetic attraction. After these problems occur, the cause should be identified in time and repaired in time. If the machining accuracy of the valve body cannot be guaranteed, or there are problems in the installation, it will also lead to poor reversing. At this time, the valve body needs to be disassembled for inspection. Replace the reversing valve or spring in time.

If you encounter a fault problem in the process of using the hydraulic cylinder directional valve, you can refer to the above method for inspection, or you can contact the relevant staff of Elephant Fluid Power at any time, Elephant Fluid Power will provide you with free technical support and directional valve maintenance within one year.

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