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From the analysis of the market prospect and current situation of the hydraulic excavator industry, the sales scale of China's hydraulic excavator industry has achieved rapid growth. Excavator sales in January 2022 were 15,607 units, -20.4% year-on-year, slightly better than CME's previous forecast (-26%). Among them, domestic sales were 8,282 units, -48.3% year-on-year; Exports of 7,325 units, +104.9% y/y, maintained a strong growth trend, and export sales jumped to 46.9% of total sales, +26.9pct y/y. Considering the recovery of overseas markets and the improvement of the global competitiveness of domestic brands, it is expected that the follow-up high export growth momentum will be sufficient to effectively smooth the fluctuations of the domestic market cycle. In terms of domestic sales structure, domestic small digging (<18.5t), medium digging (18.5-28.5t)/large digging (>28.5t) sales in January were 5,380/1,879/1,023 units, -42.05/-57.9%/-55.45% y/y, accounting for 65.0%/22.7%/12.4% of total sales, and +7.2/-5.1/-1.9pct y/y. For the whole year of 2021, 25 main engine manufacturing enterprises sold a total of 342784 excavators, a year-on-year increase of 4.6%, and the hydraulic excavator industry increased by more than 67.0%.

The hydraulic transmission of excavators is closely linked, and its development is mainly based on the application of hydraulic technology. Its structure is mainly composed of engine, hydraulic system, working device, running device and electrical control, due to the harsh working conditions of the excavator, the action required to be realized is very complicated, so it puts forward high requirements for the design of the hydraulic system. Relying on the big data of the whole network, We found the top ten brands of hydraulic pumps in 2022 selected according to brand evaluation and sales from the Internet, and the top ten are Rexroth/Rexroth, Taiheavy Elm Liquid, Hengli Hydraulics/Hengli, KYB, Danfoss/Danfoss, Parker/Parker, Nabtesco. What brand is good if you are looking for hydraulic pump? Then I recommend you to choose elephant fluid power. Elephant Fluid Power is a company focused on fluid power products and services, supporting construction, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, and many more industries. We provide hydraulic components repair all major brands of hydraulic pumps, motors, such as Rexroth, Sauer, Carter, Kawasaki, Eaton, Linde, Nachi, Uken, Hitachi and other brands and series. Our main products are hydraulic plunger pump parts, construction machinery parts, tractor pumps, hydraulic plunger pumps, hydraulic vane pumps and cartridge valves, hydraulic motors, hydraulic directional valves, etc.  We have our own repair factory, our spare parts have been well applied and recognized by customers, we not only sell spare parts, but also provide customers with technical support and assistance.

Elephant fluid power technical team has many years of operation and service experience, to provide customers with professional hydraulic system solutions, quality assurance of quality products, we have many years of procurement and sales experience, to prevent counterfeit and shoddy products, 1-7 days, fixed sales engineer, agreement specific delivery time, many years of industry experience, sales, maintenance,  Debugging, maintenance, ultra-fast one-stop professional service, provide technical response within 2 hours of standard warranty, effectively ensure the quality of hydraulic products, worry-free delivery time 1300 kinds of spot, one-stop service, direct cooperation with manufacturers, provide complete hydraulic system solutions, comprehensive guidance within 1 working day to provide technical services, rigorous processing, excellent quality. Partner with our Elephant Fluid Power to bring you the most satisfying experience.

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