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Hydraulic Piston Pump Troubleshooting

The hydraulic piston pump bears a lot of responsibilities during the working process of the machine. If the working time is too long or the operation is improper, the environment is inconsistent, etc., it may cause some major or minor failures of the hydraulic piston pump. cause greater losses. According to the experience of Elephant fluid power company, today I will share with you the causes and solutions of two common failure situations.

The hydraulic pump does not output hydraulic oil. After careful inspection, you may find several situations. Let's analyze them one by one.

1. The connecting shaft between the hydraulic pump and the motor does not rotate. There are generally four reasons for this failure: the valve core cannot move normally; the motor does not rotate; there is no connecting key on the hydraulic pump shaft or the motor shaft; the sliding pair inside the hydraulic pump is stuck. Suggested solutions: overhaul the valve core; check the electrical circuit and remove the fault; re-install the connection key; disassemble the hydraulic pump for inspection, reassemble and make the matching clearance meet the requirements.

2. The connecting shaft between the hydraulic pump and the motor rotates normally. Cause analysis: The shaft inside the hydraulic pump is broken. It is recommended to replace the new shaft directly.

3. The hydraulic pump rotates in reverse. Cause analysis: The electrical circuit of the motor is reversed. Electrical wiring can be corrected immediately.

4. The hydraulic pump does not absorb oil. Cause analysis: ①The viscosity of the hydraulic oil is too high; ②The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank is insufficient; ③The filtration precision of the oil suction filter is too high or the oil passage area is too small; ④The valve of the suction line in the closed state is not opened; The hydraulic pump variable mechanism works abnormally. These situations correspond to these elimination methods: 1. Check the viscosity of the hydraulic oil and replace the appropriate hydraulic oil; 2. Increase the hydraulic oil to the normal level of the oil tank; 3. Select a reasonable filtration accuracy and oil-passing area; 4. Open the oil suction line ⑤ Clean or replace the oil suction filter element; ⑥ Replace or adjust the variable mechanism.

The second case is that the hydraulic pump is noisy, and many specific phenomena are also subdivided under this fault:

1.The hydraulic pump is seriously emptied. Cause analysis: ① The oil suction port is too high or the liquid level of the fuel tank is too low; ② The filter in the suction line is blocked; ③ The sealing performance of the suction pipe port of the hydraulic pump is poor; ④ The speed of the hydraulic pump is too high. Elimination methods: ①Reduce the installation height of the suction pipe or increase the liquid level height; ②Clean or replace the filter element; ③Check the tightness of the connection of the suction pipe and tighten the suction pipe; ④Control the motor at the hydraulic pump. within a reasonable speed range.

2. The hydraulic pump is not running well. Cause analysis: The parts in the hydraulic pump are damaged or worn. Elimination method: disassemble the hydraulic pump, replace or clean the damaged parts.

3. The reasons for the structure of the hydraulic pump. Cause analysis: ① The hydraulic pump variable mechanism works abnormally; ② Serious oil trapping occurs. Elimination methods: ①replace or adjust the variable mechanism; ②improve the structure of the hydraulic pump.

4. Reasons for hydraulic pump installation. Reason analysis: ①The coupling is not installed according to the standard; ②The coaxiality between the motor and the hydraulic pump is poor. Elimination method: ①Reinstall according to the standard; ②Reinstall to meet the coaxiality requirements.

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