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Kawasaki Pump Parts South Africa

Kawasaki pump is the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the working liquid, according to its functional system, belongs to the hydraulic energy element, also known as the power element.

From the structure, the hydraulic pump is mainly composed of three parts: rotor part, swash plate part and oil distribution plate. The rotor part receives power for rotational movement, the plunger moves in the cylinder block, the swash plate swings to change the displacement, and the oil distribution plate can convert oil absorption and drainage.

The first is the rotor part, which is composed of a propeller shaft, cylinder block, plunger, sliding track, ball bushing, gasket and spring. The propeller shaft is supported by bearings at both ends, the spherical end of the plunger is connected to the sliding track, and there are small holes to act on the load pressure oil between the sliding track and the swash plate bottom plate, forming a hydrostatic bearing to reduce friction. The plunger part is composed of a plunger and a sliding track, and the thrust of the spring makes the cylinder block and the oil distribution plate close.

This is followed by the swash plate part, which is composed of a swash plate, a base plate, a swash plate support, a bushing, a re-pin, and a servo piston. The rotary swash plate is cylindrical, positioned by the rotary support, when the servo piston enters the hydraulic cavity on one or both sides of the servo piston with the hydraulic oil controlled by the regulator, the spherical part of the swash plate through the re-pin slides through the swash plate support and changes the swing angle.

Finally, the oil distribution pan part, the oil distribution pan part is composed of the middle pump body, the oil distribution pan and the pin. The oil distribution pan has two kidney-shaped holes, which are mounted on the middle pump body to supply and drain oil to the cylinder and are connected to the upper and outer interfaces of the middle pump body.

The main function of the hydraulic pump is to convert the mechanical energy input of the diesel engine into the pressure energy of the fluid and supply it to the hydraulic system. Hydraulic pump operation process: when the power of the diesel engine is transmitted to the pump drive shaft through the elastic coupling spline to rotate the rotor. At the same time, the plunger reciprocates in the cylinder block, and the plunger moves from the lower dead center to the upper dead center as a stroke. When each plunger rotates within 180° half-circle in the direction of leaving the distribution tray, the plunger moves from the upper dead center to the lower dead center. The volume becomes larger, a certain vacuum degree is generated, the oil is sucked through the oil suction hole of the oil distribution pan to achieve the oil inlet process, and in the rest of the half-cycle rotation, the plunger will move in the direction of the oil distribution plate, that is, the plunger moves from the lower dead center to the dead center, the volume becomes smaller, and the pressure oil is discharged through the oil outlet of the oil distribution pan to realize the oil drainage process. With the continuous rotation of the pump, the oil will be continuously sucked in and discharged, completing the energy conversion, providing hydraulic oil to the hydraulic system, and pushing the actuator motor or cylinder to move.

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