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LRR025 Pump

The LRR025 is a hydraulic pump manufactured by Sauer Danfoss, a company known for high-quality hydraulic components. It belongs to their Series 45 line of open-circuit axial piston pumps.

Here's a breakdown of the LRR025 pump

Type Open-circuit axial piston pump

Series Series 45

Displacement Likely 25 cc (cubic centimeters) based on the naming convention (although double-check specifications for confirmation)


Variable Displacement The LRR025 pump can adjust its displacement by tilting a swashplate, allowing for variable flow rates based on system needs. This improves efficiency and controllability.

Pressure Compensation Some LRR025 models might have built-in pressure compensation, which automatically adjusts the pump's displacement to maintain a constant pressure in the hydraulic system.

Compact Design Series 45 pumps are known for their compact size and high power density, making them suitable for various applications where space is limited.


The LRR025 pump finds use in a wide range of mobile and industrial applications requiring precise control of hydraulic power, such as

Construction equipment Skid steers, excavators, backhoes

Agricultural machinery Tractors, harvesters, loaders

Material handling Forklifts, cranes

Machine tools Presses, injection molding machines

Forestry equipment Log splitters, tree shears


Parts Suppliers Online retailers specializing in hydraulic components might offer replacement parts or repair kits for the LRR025 pump.

Technical Documentation Searching online for LRR025 pump technical manual or Series 45 open circuit pumps might lead you to downloadable resources with detailed specifications, diagrams, and troubleshooting information.

Additional Notes

The specific features and functionalities of your LRR025 pump might vary depending on the model variant. Refer to any available markings or labels on the pump itself or consult the equipment's manual for detailed information.

Repairing hydraulic pumps can be complex and requires specialized knowledge and tools. If your LRR025 pump needs repair, consider consulting a qualified hydraulics technician familiar with Elephant Fluid Power products.

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