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Mini Excavator Pump

Now we are no longer strangers to excavators, most of the construction site construction, are inseparable from the excavator, large excavators in the wide construction site efficiency is very high, but in some narrow construction sites, the advantages of small excavators are reflected. Regarding the mini excavator, the operator must not only master its operating skills, but also master the correct maintenance method. Oil is its energy output, and the use of oil should follow the following principles.

  1. Lubricating oil cannot be mixed with engine oil or diesel. Grease is easily drained by mixing engine oil or diesel fuel into the oil.

  2. Do not use hydraulic oil instead of fuel. Hydraulic oil creates a paint film that is difficult to remove during combustion and increases wear after replacement.

  3. Do not use engine oil instead of gear oil. After replacing gear oil with engine oil, the drive train gears are not prone to hanging oil film, which will lead to early wear of the drive.

  4. Do not use engine oil instead of brake oil. Replacing the brake oil with engine oil causes the rubber parts of the brake system to swell, causing the brakes to fail.

  5. Do not mix diesel or gear oil into the engine. If the engine oil is mixed with diesel or gear oil, it will destroy the additives in the oil, which will quickly deteriorate the oil quality, and the wear of the components will increase.

  6. Do not use gasoline engine oil instead of diesel engine oil. Otherwise, the oil is easily oxidized and deteriorated and can also damage the corrosion-resistant diesel bearing bushings.

  7. The old engine oil should not be mixed with the new engine oil. When the old and new oil are mixed, the oxidative deterioration of the new oil will be accelerated, reducing the use time of the new oil.

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