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Rc Hydraulic Excavator Pump

Excavators have high design requirements for hydraulic systems. According to the working characteristics of the hydraulic excavator, the design of its hydraulic system needs to meet the following requirements: 1. It has good production capacity. 2. It has a high total system efficiency and a higher total hydraulic system efficiency to make the excavator have lower production costs, higher production capacity and reliability when working. 3. It has good reliability and is easy to maintain. Excavator energy consumption, long working time, high efficiency of the hydraulic system, it is necessary to reduce the energy consumption of each actuator and pipeline, so in the hydraulic system of the excavator to fully consider a variety of energy-saving methods.

The following small series will introduce you to some related knowledge about the common faults of excavator hydraulic pumps.

  1. 1The engine speed decreases. First of all, test the output power of the engine itself, if the engine output power is lower than the rated power, the cause of the failure may be poor fuel quality, low fuel pressure, incorrect valve clearance, a cylinder of the engine does not work, the timing of fuel injection is wrong, the adjustment value of the fuel quantity is not correct, the air intake system leaks, the brake and its joystick have problems and turbocharger carbon deposits. If the pump control system fails, the engine, pump and valve cannot be optimized and matched in different working areas, and the excavator will not work normally. Such faults should start with the electrical system and then check the hydraulic system. Finally, check the mechanical drivetrain.

  2. The working speed slows down. The main reason for the slowdown of the excavator is the decrease in engine power and the leakage of the hydraulic system caused by the wear of various parts of the whole machine. The hydraulic pump of the excavator is a plunger variable pump, after working for a certain time, the hydraulic components inside the pump (cylinder block, plunger, distribution plate, nine-hole plate, turtle back, etc.) will inevitably produce excessive wear, which will cause internal leakage, and the data of each parameter is not coordinated, resulting in insufficient flow and excessive oil temperature and slow working speed. At this time, it is necessary to overhaul the whole machine and repair and replace the parts that wear exceeds the limit.

  3. The excavator is weak. Excavation weakness is one of the typical failures of excavators. For excavation weakness can be divided into two situations: one is excavation weakness, the engine does not hold the car, and the load is very light; The second is the weakness of excavation, when the boom or stick extends to the end, the engine seriously holds the car or even stalls.

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