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Uchida Hydraulic Pump Spare Parts

If you need to use construction machinery such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, concrete pumps, concrete mixers and other large and small vehicles, then you must have heard of uchida hydraulic pump, when your machinery and vehicles are used for too long , the hydraulic system may be damaged to a certain extent. At this time, if your accessories are uchida brand, you must need to buy original or 100% replacement original products to maintain the normal operation of the machine. This time You need to know about Elephant Fluid Power.

We are a company specializing in the research, development and production of replacement products for big brands, and our sales have repeatedly hit new highs. The Uchida A10vd43 hydraulic piston pump spare parts introduced to you today is a product specially launched to provide you with a solution. A10VD43 spare parts are very important for hydraulic pump repair companies, helping them repair the pump and then use the original new pump, will waste a lot of money. If you buy this series of spare parts from ELEPHANT FLUID POWER , they are all cast in top quality and are 100% compatible with Uchida originals. Currently there are three types of Uchida series models available: A10VD17/23/28/40/43/71, AP2D-12/14/18/21/25/28/36/38/42, A8V55/59/80/86/ 107/115/172 (of course, not only these, we can customize production according to your needs, and can cover almost complete models).

Why are we so confident that we can meet the original factory standards? Because all our spare parts are strictly produced according to the brand original parts drawings, our parts quality and service have also received positive responses from the aftermarket. The hydraulic pump is specially designed for open circuit hydraulic drive. The flow of the pump is proportional to the speed and displacement of the pump, and the displacement can be adjusted steplessly by adjusting the inclination of the swash plate. The load-sensing pump is suitable for the occasions where the hydraulic system needs flow; the axial piston pump adopts the swash plate design and also has a plane flow distribution; through the shaft drive, the front and rear pumps can be connected in series, with an ideal power-to-weight ratio and low noise.

Whether it is domestic or imported hydraulic products or accessories, we have rich experience in maintenance and solutions. No matter the software is excellent and the hardware is very solid, Elephant has an advanced hydraulic pump test bench, and is equipped with professional hydraulic system engineers. The maintenance engineers have rich practical maintenance experience.

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