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How to Test Excavator Hydraulic Pump

For non-specialists, how to roughly test the quality of a excavators hydraulic pump? Here are three tips.

  1. Check the accuracy level in the product manual.

    Some manufacturers think that there is no need to use a good hydraulic pump on the excavators, and in order to reduce costs, the hydraulic pump parts they produce are of poor quality and low manufacturing accuracy. In addition, some manufacturers lack the ability to detect hydraulic components, so that the lifting cylinder, gear pump, distributor, and multi-way valve are not distinguished, and various faults occur frequently in use. Everyone must polish their eyes when purchasing!

  2. Use a excavators with the weight suitable for the hydraulic pump model and check whether it can work normally.

    As we all know, the function of hydraulic pumps is to provide power source or auxiliary power for hydraulic systems, and to convert the energy of fuel engines. The weight that the excavators can pull is related to the model of the hydraulic pump. For example, TF series models, originally at 1304, the maximum weight of excavators is generally below 1000KG, TF upgraded to 2004, the weight of excavators is getting larger and larger, some of the maximum weight has been upgraded to 1400KG, 1500KG or so, excavatorss are heavy, and the excavators lifting force required is greater. In cases that the traction weight is suitable for the hydraulic pump model, check whether there will be some side effects of the hydraulic system, such as high temperature of the hydraulic system, easy oil leakage, gear pump damage, weak lifting, etc. If it appears, it proves that the quality of the hydraulic pump is not up to standard.

  3. After using for a period of time, test the cleanliness of the hydraulic system.

    Some excavatorss have relatively poor cleanliness of the hydraulic system, and the poor cleanliness of the hydraulic system will bring a series of problems, especially in the case of distributor and multi-way valve accuracy is not high, poor cleanliness may produce fast wear of the valve core and valve sleeve, resulting in large matching clearance, leakage, or dirty things cushioning the valve core to cause leakage, and even cause jam valves. In addition, poor cleanliness will also cause the filter element to be easy to block, if the hydraulic filter element is not replaced in time, it will cause the hydraulic system to lift weakly, slow lifting and other phenomena.

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