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Hydraulic Actuator Directional Valve

Hydraulic actuator directional valve is one of the most used hydraulic directional valves on the market, and this hydraulic steering valve can also be manufactured at Elephant Fluid Power.

Hydraulic actuator directional valve is a directional valve operated by pilot fluid pressure, when the valve core moves a certain distance to the right, the pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump flows to the left cavity of the hydraulic cylinder, the oil of the right cavity of the hydraulic cylinder flows back to the oil tank, and the piston of the hydraulic cylinder moves to the right; Conversely, if the spool moves a certain distance to the left, the flow is reversed and the piston moves to the left.

When using, the pressure oil holding the oil circuit should be used to change the position of the valve spool. The spool is not moved back by the pressure difference of the oil outside the dilute sealing cavity at both ends. When the pressure oil enters the left cavity of the spool valve from K2, K1 turns on the return oil, and the valve core moves to the right, so that P and B are connected, and A and T are connected; When K1 traffic pressure oil and K2 traffic return oil, the valve core moves to the left so that P and A are connected, B and T are connected: when K1 and K2 are both returned to oil, the valve core returns to both end positions.


Hydraulic actuator directional valve uses an external pressure guide to push the spool, thereby changing the direction of oil flow in the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic actuator directional valve is widely used in general machine tools, die casting machines, press presses, injection molding machines, ships, industrial vehicles, etc.

Hydraulic actuator directional valve installation dimensions comply with ISO 4401.

Hydraulic actuator directional valve compared to electric directional valves:

The reversing of the hydraulic actuator directional valve is directly completed by the internal structure, with fewer control links and reliable action, compared with the electric directional valve, the control elements are reduced, the reliability of system control and operation is improved, and the problem of frequent failure of the electric directional valve is solved.

Elephant Fluid Power has been established for a long time, has more than ten years of production experience, for the production of hydraulic steering valves handy, at the same time, Elephant Fluid Power is still constantly improving itself, not only the introduction of German advanced equipment, but also a group of young professional technicians, and strive to provide every customer with the best quality products. In terms of price, the hydraulic steering valve produced by Elephant Fluid Power also gives every customer the greatest sincerity, with preferential price and superior quantity.

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