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hydraulic piston pump diagram

Hydraulic piston pump is an important part in hydraulic system. I found that many friends will search for hydraulic piston pump diagram on the website, but the schematic diagram is generally very complicated and difficult to understand. Elephant Hydraulic Power Company as a hydraulic supplier that provides professional hydraulic system solutions for customers, it is necessary to popularize hydraulic piston with everyone. What is the working principle of the pump, because we think that knowing the working principle of a part can help customers use it better.

In simple terms, the hydraulic piston pump relies on the reciprocating motion of the piston in the cylinder to change the volume of the sealed working chamber to achieve oil suction and oil pressure. Piston pump is also called electric reciprocating pump. It is divided into single-cylinder and multi-cylinder from the structure, which is characterized by high lift. It is suitable for conveying oil emulsions without solid particles at room temperature, etc. It is used for water injection, oil injection and oil extraction in oil fields and coal seams; the power pump of hydraulic press for chamber press, hydraulic sand cleaning, and ammonia liquid transportation in chemical fertilizer plants, etc. If the wetted parts are stainless steel, it can transport corrosive liquids. In addition, according to the different structural materials, it can also transport high-temperature tar, mineral sludge, high-concentration mortar, high-viscosity liquid, etc. The piston pump relies on the reciprocating motion of the piston, which makes the working volume of the pump chamber change periodically, and realizes the suction and discharge of liquid. It consists of pump cylinder, piston, inlet and outlet valves, inlet and outlet pipes, connecting rods and transmission devices. The power drives the piston to reciprocate in the pump cylinder. When the piston moves upward, the water inlet valve opens, water enters the pump cylinder, and the water valve on the piston closes, and the water on the upper part of the piston rises up with the piston; when the piston moves downward, the water inlet valve closes, and the valve on the piston opens At the same time, the water in the lower chamber of the pump cylinder is pressed into the upper chamber and rises into the water outlet pipe, so that the water is repeatedly fed and lifted, so that the water is continuously discharged from the water outlet pipe. The flow rate of the piston pump is determined by the diameter of the pump cylinder, the stroke of the piston and the number of times the piston reciprocates per minute; the lift depends on the characteristics of the device pipeline, the flow rate of the same piston pump is unchanged, and the lift can vary with the characteristics of the device pipeline. That is to say, the lift is increased, but the flow rate remains unchanged. Only in the high pressure area, the flow rate is slightly reduced. Piston pump is suitable for high pressure and small flow occasions, especially when the flow rate is less than 100 m3/hour and the discharge pressure is greater than 9.8 MPa, it shows its higher efficiency and good operating performance. It has good suction performance and can suck liquids of various media and different viscosities. In general, because of these special performance piston pumps are widely used in petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing industry, papermaking, food processing, pharmaceutical production and so on.

However, due to the bulky body of the ordinary piston pump on the market, high power consumption and low efficiency, it is an old-fashioned pump, and its pumping performance is not good enough. Therefore, according to people's needs, Elephant Hydraulic Company, on the basis of the original piston pump, innovatively improved the hydraulic piston pump produced by itself into a product with the advantages of high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency, and convenient flow adjustment. At the same time, it also retains the sturdy and durable characteristics of traditional hydraulic piston pumps, and the price is also very favorable. If you want to get a hydraulic piston pump with high performance and low price, please go to the official website of Elephant Hydraulic Company to make a purchase inquiry, we look forward to cooperating with you!

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