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LRR030 Pump Parts

The LRR030 pump is a hydraulic pump manufactured by Sauer Danfoss, belonging to their Series 45 line of open-circuit axial piston pumps. Finding parts for this pump can be done through several methods:

1. Sauer Danfoss Parts Catalog

Unfortunately, due to the age of the LRR030 model, Sauer Danfoss might not have a readily accessible online parts catalog on their public website. However, you can try contacting them directly through their website or a local distributor for parts inquiries. They might be able to provide information on parts availability or suggest alternative solutions.

2. Authorized Sauer Danfoss Distributors

Locating an authorized Sauer Danfoss distributor in your area is a good option. These distributors will have access to genuine Sauer Danfoss parts or can guide you on finding compatible replacements.

3. Online Parts Suppliers

Several online retailers specialize in supplying hydraulic components and parts. You can search for LRR030 pump parts or Series 45 open-circuit pump parts on these websites. However, be cautious when using aftermarket parts. Ensure they meet the same quality standards and specifications as genuine Sauer Danfoss parts to avoid potential performance issues or damage to your hydraulic system.

4. Service Manuals and Parts Diagrams

Finding a service manual or parts diagram for the LRR030 pump can be helpful in identifying specific part numbers. Here are some resources, but remember, these may be difficult to locate

Sauer Danfoss Documentation Search online for LRR030 pump service manual or Series 45 open-circuit pump parts diagram. You might find downloadable resources with detailed part breakdowns and corresponding numbers.

Equipment Manuals If the LRR030 pump is part of a larger piece of equipment, consult the equipment's manual. It might include a parts list or diagram specific to the pump model used in your machine.

Here's a list of some common LRR030 pump parts you might encounter:

Drive Shaft Transmits power from the engine to the pump.

Piston Group Consisting of pistons, cylinders, and swashplate, this group converts rotational motion into hydraulic pressure and flow.

Valve Plate Controls the flow of hydraulic fluid within the pump.

Seals and O-rings Essential for preventing leaks and maintaining proper pressure within the pump.

Bearings Reduce friction and support rotating components.

Important Considerations

Repairing hydraulic pumps can be complex and requires specialized knowledge and tools. If you're not comfortable working with hydraulic systems, consider seeking assistance from a qualified hydraulics technician.

Using genuine Sauer Danfoss parts or parts with guaranteed compatibility is crucial for optimal performance and longevity of your LRR030 pump.

Always prioritize safety when working with hydraulic components. The high pressures involved can cause serious injuries if not handled properly.

By using these resources and considering the mentioned points, you should be able to find the necessary parts for your LRR030 pump. 

Remember, proper maintenance and using high-quality parts are essential for ensuring the smooth operation and extended lifespan of your hydraulic system.

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