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Nachi Hydraulic Pump Repair Kit

Elephant Fluid Power company has superb theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience in the field of hydraulic expertise, is a company integrating production and maintenance, sales and product research and development, and has unique experience in the maintenance of nachi hydraulic pump.

As we all know, the hydraulic piston pump parts is the power system of most mechanical equipment, for the machinery, the strong transmission system affects the efficiency and quality of the equipment, in the process of using the equipment we must pay special attention to the maintenance of the hydraulic pump.

The maintenance of the hydraulic pump is mainly the correct use and management of the pump, timely handling of abnormal situations in operation, filtering the working medium, and troubleshooting small faults in order to improve the use of the hydraulic pump in time, ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic pump, and extend the service life of the hydraulic pump. The main reasons for the damage of the hydraulic pump are: wear, corrosion and fatigue damage of the parts in the hydraulic pump; Manufacturing factors or accidents of hydraulic pumps, etc. The essence of repairing a pump damage caused by a normal or abnormal cause is to compensate for its inferiority. There are two basic ways to repair hydraulic pumps: repair and replacement. The main principles of selecting a hydraulic pump are the type of main equipment: the main factors to consider when selecting a hydraulic pump are the structural form, working pressure, flow, speed, efficiency, quantitative or variable, variable mode, life, prime mover type, noise, pressure volatility, self-priming ability, compatibility. Hydraulic oil, size, quality, economy and maintenance.

So how exactly do you repair the nachi hydraulic pump? The first is lubrication, all moving parts should be regularly coated with high-quality molybdenum disulfide or corresponding grease, in mixed environmental conditions, cleaning and lubrication work should be carried out frequently. The second is the hydraulic tubing, after each work, you should check whether there is a break and leak, and regularly clean the dirty joints. The third is the quick coupling, the joint should be kept clean, not allowed to drag along the ground, very small dust may lead to the failure of the internal check valve, sealed with high-quality sealing material. The fourth is the spring, the spring installed between the driving pawl and the reaction paw, if it is capable, it is best to check and replace it once every two years. The fifth is the cylinder seal, if a leak is found, it is recommended to replace the sealing ring and the components that produce deformation. Finally, the structural parts, the structural parts of the tool, should be checked once a year to determine whether there are fractures, defects, deformations, if there are these conditions, need to be replaced immediately.

Nachi hydraulic pump to regular repair, replacement of old devices, in order to extend the life, Elephant Fluid Power company has a very deep experience in this convenience, the hydraulic pump maintenance work to Elephant Fluid Power company will be satisfied with you!

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