Elephant Fluid Power Co., Ltd.
Elephant Fluid Power Co., Ltd.

Elephant Fluid Power produces and provides plunger pumps, motors, pump accessories, and reducers for concrete pump trucks, mixer truck production, refurbishment, repair, and maintenance. We have many varieties, complete specifications, good quality, and fast delivery. Can better meet the needs of industries such as earthmoving machinery and construction equipment.

Case Study Of Construction Machinery Spare Parts

Construction Machinery Spare Parts Case

Construction Machinery Spare Parts Case

Elephant Fluid Power produces stirring motor BMH500 (replaces OMH500) of the same quality as the original, A11VLO, A4VG series plunger pumps, which are used for pump truck production, repair, maintenance and refurbishment, reducing sales and end-user production costs and increasing productive forces. Elephant Fluid Power has a fast delivery time, provides good technical support and after-sales service, and reduces customers' worries.

The Guiding Of Construction Machinery Spare Parts

The construction machinery parts of Elephant Fluid Power mainly include EATON 64, 54, 90R, A4VTG, PV series and reducers used in mixer trucks, A4VG, A11VLO, A2FO, K3V series pumps used in pump trucks, etc. Provide more complete hydraulic solutions, better products and services, greatly reduce production costs, and win a good reputation in the world market

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