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As the main model of China's construction machinery industry, excavators are widely used in construction tasks in all walks of life. Due to the harsh working conditions of the excavator and the complex action required to be realized, it has high requirements for the design of the hydraulic system, and its hydraulic system is also the most complex in the hydraulic system of construction machinery. Therefore, the analysis and design of the hydraulic system of the excavator is of great significance to promote the development of excavators in China. With the development of excavators extended to large-scale, miniaturized, multi-functional remote control and specialization, its hydraulic technology is also constantly improving and upgrading. The development of excavators and hydraulic technology are inseparable, and the two promote each other. On the one hand, hydraulic technology is laid down by the technology of modern excavators, on the other hand, the development of excavators has improved hydraulic technology.

The following small series introduces the basic composition of the hydraulic system of the excavator and its basic requirements: the hydraulic excavator has complex movements, and has a variety of mechanisms, such as traveling mechanism, slewing mechanism, boom, stick and bucket, etc., which is a construction machine with multiple degrees of freedom. These main mechanisms are often started, braked and reversed, and the external load changes greatly, and there are many shocks and vibrations, so the excavator has high design requirements for the hydraulic system. According to the working characteristics of the hydraulic excavator, the design of its hydraulic system needs to meet the following requirements:

  1. Have good production capacity

    The production capacity of an excavator is mainly determined by its breaking force, movement speed, response speed, bucket capacity and working range. Excavator hydraulics always pursue faster movement and higher system pressures that respond faster.

  2. It has a high total system efficiency

    In the total efficiency of the engine, the total efficiency of the hydraulic system and the total efficiency of the mechanical device, the total efficiency of the hydraulic system has a particularly obvious impact on the efficiency of the whole excavator, and most of the power loss of the hydraulic system will be converted into heat energy, causing the oil temperature to rise and other adverse results, higher total efficiency of the hydraulic system can make the excavator have lower production costs, higher production capacity and reliability when working.

  3. It has good reliability and is easy to maintain

    The excavator has large energy consumption, long working time, and requires high efficiency of the hydraulic system, so it is necessary to reduce the energy consumption of each actuator and pipeline, so various energy-saving methods should be fully considered in the hydraulic system of the excavator. When the speed control of each actuator is carried out, the output flow of the oil pump is less than the flow required by the system, which will definitely lead to a part of the flow loss. The system requires that the energy loss of this part is as small as possible, when the excavator is in a state of no-load and not working, how to reduce the pressure of no-load oil return, the output flow of the pump, is also the key to reducing energy consumption.

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