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Schwing Concrete Pump

Schwing concrete pump truck is durable and easy to use. It is the best choice for any construction project. Elephant Fluid Power has provided numerous hydraulic solutions for large and small customers over the years in providing hydraulic components for schwing and other brand vehicles.

Today we will show you the pump products in the Schwing Concrete Pump Repair A4vg28 Repair Kit. What we provide for this schwing is a high-pressure high-power Rexroth A4VG manual A4VG56DA1D832R axial piston variable displacement pump. Why this one? It is produced by using German CNC equipment. The raw materials are excellent non-ferrous metal raw materials. There are six characteristics of Rexroth a4vg plunger pump displacement control mode, HD: hydraulic control variable, related to control pressure; HW: the displacement of hydraulic control and manual servo pump is proportional to the angle of operating direction a or B of control handle; Da: hydraulic control, related to speed; DG: hydraulic control, direct control; EZ: electric two-point control, with switch electromagnet; EP: electrical control, with proportional electromagnet, the pump displacement is proportional to the current of proportional electromagnets (A and b). The staff can choose the control mode at will according to the working conditions, vehicle conditions or operating habits.

If you have not experienced our products, it must be worth a try. In the case of quality assurance, I think you will give priority to the budget. In view of this, Elephant Fluid Power has formulated some most favorable schemes for customers in the final pricing. For details, you can contact the customer service personnel. On the basis of these hardware, our quality inspection standards are not lax, and we still carry out strict inspection on the ex factory products. In order to ensure that customers can get the products as soon as possible and safely, we have also conducted in-depth cooperation with many international reliable logistics companies.

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