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Hydraulic Brake System Components

The hydraulic brake system is mainly composed of the following components. Energy supply device: includes various components that supply, adjust the energy required for braking, and improve the state of the transmission medium. Control device: Various components that produce braking action and control the braking effect, such as brake pedals. Transmission: including the transmission of braking energy to various components of the brake, such as brake master cylinder, wheel cylinder. Brake: A component that creates a tendency to impede the movement or movement of the vehicle.

The braking system is generally composed of two main parts: brake control mechanism and brake. Its general working principle is to use the mutual friction between the non-rotating elements connected to the body (or frame) and the rotating elements connected to the wheel (or propeller shaft) to stop the tendency of the wheel to turn or turn. That is, when the brake pedal is pressed, the piston of the main cylinder is pushed forward, the pressure of the brake fluid in the main cylinder increases, and the sub-pump of each wheel enters through the oil pipe, and the piston of the sub-pump is pushed outward, so as to realize the transmission of the force of the foot brake to the wheel brake, and push the wheel brake to brake. When the brake pedal is released, the main pump piston returns under the action of oil pressure and return spring, and the sub-pump piston and wheel brake brake return to position and release the brake on the wheel.

When the brake pedal travel is too long, the driver will obviously feel poor braking performance, no confidence in the braking ability of the whole vehicle, and at the same time increase the driver's fatigue and not meet the ergonomic design requirements; The brake pedal stroke is too short, the whole vehicle brakes roughly, and the passenger's forward tilt is serious when braking, and the comfort is reduced. Therefore, in order to improve the braking performance of the car, it is necessary to choose high-quality hydraulic system components. If you have a need, why not take a look at our Elephant Fluid Power offerings. Elephant Fluid Power is a hydraulic company with rich production experience, they have a fairly mature production process and large-scale production base and strong production capacity, which can easily meet the production of different brands and series of hydraulic product accessories. The parts we produce are made of the best quality non-ferrous metal raw materials, the production process follows strict quality inspection standards, German CNC production equipment ensures that all the products they produce are of uniform quality, and there will be no inferior products that do not meet the standards.

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